Emergent and tactical services have proven a necessity in today's world. Nature and politics flex their muscles with alarming and unpredictable regularity. Avatar can be instrumental in assuring that you are proactively positioned and prepared for the next large "geo-political" event.

From partnering with local Law Enforcement Agencies or International Agencies, Avatar extends tactical medical and security training programs to all sectors of public and private businesses. Seeking participation in humanitarian recovery efforts with US and International governing bodies, reflects Avatar's philosophy in being an integral part of domestic and global solutions.  Additional services include providing a full spectrum of DoD Veterinary Services.  In addition, Avatar is licensed by the American Safety & Health Institute of National Training Centers to provide course completion certification cards.


  • Emergent and Tactical Medical (ETM) training programs
  • ETM Response Teams
  • Stabilized clinical environments and services
  • ER and Trauma Care Operating Rooms


  • Executive/Key Personnel Protection Teams
  • Fixed, semi, and mobile site security
  • Vunerability assessments
  • Mock breech drills

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